Vew-Do Individual El Dorado / Surf 33 /Longboard 36 Rock

Article number: VEW-DO-ELD-ROC
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The El Dorado / Surf 33 / Longboard 36 Roller is by far the most challenging in the line. Coming in with a 5" diameter roller, this performance shaped roller provides the most challenging ride within the current Vew-Do line. With an increased rock diameter, significantly reduced primary riding surface and increased radial taper the l Dorado/ Longboard Roller challenges the most seasoned balance board riders by allowing for increased maneuverability and performance.

This Rock will fit to the El Dorado, Surf 33 and Longboard 36. Advanced and professional balanceboarder will find the appropriate challenge in this roller.


  • Length: 24 cm
  • Diameter: 13 cm
  • Surface: 12.5 cm
  • Shape: 50 degree radial taper
  • Made in USA
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