Vew-Do Individual Foam Balance Teeter

Article number: VEW-DO-FOA-TEE
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When in teeter mode the large flat surface on the foam creates uncompromised stability with the ground while the curved upper edge of allows for the deck to teeter in an up and down motion thereby simulating a schoolyard teeter totter that nearly anyone can stand on. Now don't let this simple design fool you; attempting to stay perfectly balanced over a fixed fulcrum is a gut busting task that requires extensive core awareness, strength and mental focus.

Works great on all our boards with kids as young as 2!


  • Teeter Size: H7.5 x W15.5 x L29.5 cm
  • use it as a fist step before the roller
  • essential for physiotherapy
  • Foam Teeter for Heel-to-Toe movements (use slot on the flat side) and for lateral movements (use slot on rounded side)
  • kids as young as 2 years can make their first tries on all Vew-Do Balance Boards in combination with the Teeter
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