Vew-Do Zippy Balance Trainer for Beginner to Intermediate User

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The Zippy is the original Vew-Do Balance Board. Still true to the traditional style, the Zippy is a versatile board that can provide beneficial balance training and fun for anyone in the family. Maintaining our signature 360 degree mobility, it provides greater stability using a roller designed with outriggers that act as a balance guide.

The Zippy features a non-toxic, anti-slip STS riding surface and a sustainable 100% North American maple deck. The roller has a 19 degree outrigger training system providing extra stability for the rider making it a perfect fit for beginners and intermediate riders alike.

Although the decks are shaped differently both the Flow and Zippy decks have the same overall running length and are similar in performance. The most significant difference in performance is designed around the Rocks (or rollers). The longer Zippy roller is machined with our patented outrigger design which act as "training wheels" when a rider applies toe or heal pressure to the board. The outriggers allow for increased stability when performing maneuvers requiring toe and heal pressure such as turning spinning and tilting. It's the outrigger design that makes the Zippy ideal for beginner to intermediate riders. Conversely the outrigger-less design of the Flow rock allows the rider to achieve greater toe and heal performance at higher angles thereby making the Flow more challenging and performance driven. The Flow is ideal for intermediate to advanced riders.

Deck Details

  • 100% North American Maple
  • Length: 76 cm
  • Width Nose/Tail: 21 cm
  • Width Waist: 20 cm
  • Shape: Increased waist
  • Surface: Superior traction surface
  • Molded rail end and stop system

Rock Details

  • Diameter: 9.5 cm
  • Length: 28.5 cm
  • Surface: 13.5 cm
  • Shape: 19 degree outrigger design


  • Weight: 1'650 g
  • Made in USA


| Oliver Meyer

Mich hat vor allem zum Kauf des Vew-Do Zippys bewogen, dass Sie in den USA von Hand hergestellt werden. Keine Chinaware! Als Schweizer Konsument ist es da natürlich Ehrensache in der Schweiz zu bestellen. Crazy Dude hat mich total überzeugt. Sofortige Lieferung und perfekter Service. Ich würde wieder hier bestellen.

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