Sex Wax Rub-On Snowboard Wax

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Sex Wax developed a special line for snowboarders with three different hot waxes for warm, mild and cold temperatures and an additional universal wax for rubbing on, suitable for all snow conditions. Sex Wax snowboard waxes are non-toxic and contain no perfluorinated chemicals. No time for the whole hot wax procedure? Then Sex Wax has the right solution with the cold wax for reaming. This universal wax is a master in all snow conditions and temperatures. It is very convenient for traveling because it does not stick, leak or contain solvents. If the board does not glide over the white splendour as desired, Sex Wax Rub-On snowboard wax is the ideal solution for a quick remedy.

Rub Sex Wax Rub-On snowboard wax on dry surface. Work the wax with the green side of a yellow/green Scotch sponge into the base. Done! Let's go!


  • Block Universal Snowboard Wax
  • Weight: 75 g
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