Vision Street Wear

It was in 1976, when the sport of skateboarding experienced great and formative changes. At that time the plastic skateboard roller was just invented, the first outdoor skatepark was built in Florida, Alan Gelfand confessed the first Ollie and Vision Streetwear was born.

From the first minute it was clear that Vision was going to be something special. The Vision skateboard team then consisted of Mark Gonzalez, Lance Mountain, Tas Pappas, Duane Peters and Mark "Gator" Rogowski. They were the craziest and most innovative skateboarders at that time.

Vision understood the connection between the music scene and skateboard culture very early on. The Vision Skate Escape with Tony Hawk, Christian Hosoi and the Red Hot Chili Peppers was just one of many events.

But most importantly, Vision redefined skate and casual fashion with its crazy, colorful graphics. The Psycho Stick, the Aggressor and the Gator Pro model were the most popular graphics and innovative designs in the history of skateboarding.

Since its birth over thirty years ago, Vision has been thinking about how to stand out from the crowd and express the creative and independent attitude in skateboarding and street culture.