Snowboard Addiction Trampolin Training Board

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In snowboarding, the term "Practice Makes Perfect" could not be more relevant.
Whether you want to learn a 360 or master a Double Cork; by practicing on the Tramp Board, you will learn new tricks and engrave old tricks into your muscle memory.

We’ve taken our proven Tramp Training Board and made it more shreddable, more versatile and way more stylish! With inspiration for the top sheet taken from the mountains we live in, you’ll be dreaming of the park while training by the lake! Learn more below!

Smooth Sidewall Construction

Our new silky smooth sidewall ensures maximum performance and durability through the seamless design, while boosting the board's aesthetics!

Additional Inserts
With 8 sets of inserts, our new board offers a stance widths from 12.5” for the groms to 23.5” for taller riders and everywhere in-between.

4/10 Flex Rating
With a 4/10 flex rating, this board is able to bend better into the bounce on your trampoline. When using the Tramp Board with the Balance Bar, it will offer grip and a more forgiving flex for beginner to intermediate jibbers.

EVA High Density Foam
Completely covered with 1cm of maximum style, high density foam so you'll have tonnes of grip when jumping or jibbing!

Reverse Camber
The rise in the tip and tail allows the board to flex with the tramp, giving better contact surface, helping you stomp it every time.

Train for snowboarding anytime your addiction kicks in and improve:

Improved air and spatial awareness
Balance, coordination and timing of your tricks
More style, consistency and confidence with your tricks
It's like snowboarding. It's just good fun!
Simply put, the next time you strap into your snowboard, you’ll make way more out of your precious days on the snow.

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