Snowboard Addiction Training Board Binding

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One size fits all. Keep your feet in the clouds while you train for snowboarding
The Training Bindings from Snowboard Addiction are made in snowboard factories so that the strength, feel and response is just like the bindings on your snowboard. Our bindings, however, are adapted with a "cushy" EVA footbed all around your feet. We added gel padding in any areas of pressure points so that you feel like you're wearing clouds on your feet! This allows you to get your head in the game and train for as long as your addiction demands.

Through removing the high-back, Snowboard Addiction further avoided pressure and abrasion when practicing without boots on. There's no sharp edges on the bindings, allowing you to train safely on the trampoline or in your house without worrying about damaging anything!

Quick Entry Buckle System And Velcro Toe Strap
The Snowboard Addiction Training Bindings are equipped with a quick entry buckle and ladder system plus a velcro toe strap for ease of use.

Buckle Comfort Cover
To maximise your training experience, the cushy cover around the Buckle System leaves you with a binding that is streamlined for use in all environments.

Four Hole Pattern
Set up your Training Boards with the exact same stance width and angles you use on your snowboard thanks to the use of the regular Four-Hole binding system.

Comfort Foam Footbed
The Snowboard Addiction footbeds are made with a high density EVA foam footbed that surrounds the inside of the binding. This provides comfort from any angle.

Shoe, Sock and Barefoot Compatibility
Thanks to the high level of adjustability and form fitting comfort, you'll be able to train barefoot, in socks or shoes!

These bindings are one size fits all. The same pair will fit the whole family from kids to parents with size US 11!

| Daniel Benz

Ich empfehle jedem die Snowboard Addiction Bindung zu einem Jib Board oder Tramp Board dazuzukaufen. Zuerst habe ich eine alte Snowboard Bindung von mir ausprobiert. Das ist Mist! Die Training Board Bindung ist wirklich genial. Der Service von Crazy Dude ist schnell und unkompliziert. Jederzeit würde ich hier wieder bestellen.

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