Snowboard Addiction Jib Training Board (not suitable for trampolines)

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Can you 270 onto or off a rail? What if we said you could...
That feeling of locking into a rail on your snowboard and sliding a trick you've been working on for ages is hard to beat. This board will have you locking in tricks consistently without having to hike rails all day!

Snowboard Addiction has taken their proven Jib Training Board and made it more shreddable, more versatile and way more stylish! With inspiration for the top sheet taken from the mountains we live in, you’ll be dreaming of the park while training by the lake!

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Snowboard Addiction Jib Training Board Top Specs  

Smooth Sidewall Construction
The new silky smooth sidewall ensures maximum performance and durability through the seamless design, while boosting the board's aesthetics!

Additional Inserts
With 8 sets of inserts, our new board offers a stance widths from 32 cm for the groms to 60 cm for taller riders and everywhere in-between.


9/10 Flex Rating
A 9/10 flex rating gives this board a nice stiff feeling meaning that you'll be able to press harder into your tips and tails when using the Balance Bar!

Snowboard Addiction Jib Training Board In Use Closeup   Snowboard Addiction Jib Training Board In Use

Realistic P-Tex Base
Constructed with a real snowboard base, you'll have the most realistic experience possible combined with maximum style. 

Reverse Camber
The rocker profile allows for easier sliding on boxes and rails and improves the manoeuvrability and butterability of the board.

  Snowboard Addiction Jib Training Board Base Specs

Use with the Balance Bar to improve the following jib specific skills:

  • Trick timing, balance and style
  • Muscle memory to consolidate old tricks
  • Creativity and confidence to learn new tricks

The Jib Board has a realistic snowboard design, feel and flex that replicates real snowboard jibbing. Take what you've learnt on the Jib Board to the mountain and unleash your new tricks in the park!

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Warranty processing in Switzerland
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  • Only Jib Board (no Binding)


Snowboard Addiction Jib Training Board Sizing   Max. Recommended User Weight: 100 kg (220lbs)
Ages: No age restrictions (Kids - Adults)
Dimensions: 99.5 cm Long (39.17 inches) - 24.6 cm Wide (9.69 inches)
Weight: 1.5 kg (3.3lb)
Stance: 32 cm - 60 cm (12.5" - 23.5" inches)
Snowboard Addiction Jib Training Board Mounting System  

Mounting System
The Snowboard Addiction Jib Boards have the same universal 4 hole binding system that's found on snowboards. Set up your Jib Board with the exact same stance width and angles you use on your snowboard.

Snowboard Addiction Jib Training Board Materials  

Made in a snowboard factory, the Snowboard Addiction boards are designed to deal with getting thrashed! A laminated top sheet gives the Jib Board that quality finish, while the poplar wood core gives it that true snowboard flex.

Snowboard Addiction Jib Training Board Profile  

The Jib Board is stiff and strong, with a reverse camber shape. It's shorter in length than a real snowboard, so you can train practically anywhere.

Snowboard Addiction Jib Training Board Sidewall Construction  

Smooth Sidewall Construction
Along the entire perimeter of the Jib Board is a silky smooth, rounded sidewall. There's no metal edges, so you can train almost anywhere without damaging you, your board or your training area.

Snowboard Addiction Jib Training Board Realistic P-Tex Base  

Realistic P-Tex Base
Constructed with a real snowboard base to create the most realistic experience possible. Jib, press, stall and balance with the exact same feel as a snowboard on a rail or box.

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