Snowboard Addiction Balance Bar

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The training tool that every snowboarder needs!
Jibbing through the terrain park is awesome when you know what you're doing. It's hard to beat the feeling when you lock in on a rail and slide the full distance knowing you did exactly what you intended... Not locking in on a rail and slamming your face into metal on the other hand is not quite as nice. That's why Snowboard Addiction invented the Balance Bar!

The Balance Bars from Snowboard Addiction are designed to be indestructible, portable and stylish so you can feed your snowboard addiction year round! Either use the Balance Bar with your regular snowboard, Jib Board or Tramp Board and discover the ultimate way to exercise and train.

Box Slide Base
Perfect your box skills and muscle memory using the blue base, designed to simulate an actual box.

Rail Jib Add-On
Up the ante by throwing on the included top piece to add in a realistic rail jibbing experience!

Removable And Stowable Top Piece
To maximise the versatility of the Balance Bar, we've integrated a specific space to store the top piece underneath. Whether you're transporting the Balance Bar, storing it or too focussed on progressing your box slide skills, we've got you covered!

Beginner To Advanced
Engineered to help beginners learn tricks and experts refine their skills. Mix and match with the Jib Board, Tramp Board, Box Base and Jib piece to find your desired difficulty level.

Made In The USA
The Balance Bars from Snowboard Addiction are made in the USA to ensure they are the highest quality product.

With the Balance Bar, you can dial in the following snowboard specific skills:

  • Consolidate old tricks and engrave new tricks into your muscle memory
  • Improve your box and rail balance and consistency
  • Tweak your timing, style and creativity with box and rail tricks
  • Gain confidence and save big on plastic surgery
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