Phase Five Hypsta 50" Skim Style Wakesurf

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Get your slide on. The Hypsta enables a wide range of riders from large to small to have fun
The Hypsta strikes to the core of any seasoned rider looking for something fresh. Its name lends itself to most obvious features including the ultra wide tail and unique squared swallowtail. Basically this board will step up your spinning game and challenge the rider in ways that are completely satisfying. 200 lb. riders can easily cruise and get funky on the 50”, while the 54” will handle ANYONE. Any wave is fun on this new sled.

E-Glass Cover
E-Glass is the most economic and commonly used glass in the board industry. It is very strong yet flexible and provides good strength.

3/4 Inch Core
More float, less responsive. Comes either Continuous or tapered.

V.R.T.™ - Vacuum Ripped Technology
Refined vacuum assisted hand lamination process with built in glass/bar stringers on bottom edge of board for extra strength and pop.

Continuous Core
Same thickness from nose to tail. Adds float on 3/4” boards. All 5/8” thick boards are continuous for best performance.

Polyester Resin
Polyester resin is the most widely used resin in the composite industry. It provides quality strength and durability.

Tri Fin Configuration
Three fins creating the most controllable fin setup. Helps the board hold a nice line and is the most stable option on Phase Five's boards.

Textured Finish
Textured finish used on selected premium boards. Less weight and increased performance.

Performance Traction Pad
The traction pads are as important in wakesurfing as the wax is for ocean wave surfer. This wakesurf model comes equipped with the brand new 2013 Performance Traction Pad. The new footpad offers more control and other very useful benefits. The perforation in the middle reduces weight and at the same time gives you more feeling when riding.

Pig in a Poke
In our online shop, you will not buy a pig in a poke. Since each Phase 5 wakesurf board is unique, it is important to know if the partner for the wave fits for a lifetime. For this reason, we are photographing Phase 5 boards with an individual design for you. All Phase 5 product images are original. At Crazy Dude you will get what you've seen!

Made in the USA
Often been copied but never reached. Over the last 11 years, Phase Five has grown from a small wakesurf brand to becoming the industry leading manufacturer. All boards - and we really mean ALL boards of the line are made by hand in the USA in the state of Florida.

Crazy Dude is an official Phase Five Partner in Switzerland
When buying expensive sport equipment you should always think of a possible warranty processing. Crazy Dude will handle warranty cases for their own customers easily uncomplicated and in the shortest possible time.

Specifications Hypsta 50" Hypsta 54"
Size in Inch 50" x 21" 54" x 21"
Size in Centimeter 127 x 53 cm 137 x 53 cm
Thickness 0.75" / 19 mm 0.75" / 19 mm
Construction E-Glass/Carbon E-Glass/Carbon
Fin Positions one 2" center and two 1" side fins one 2" center and two 1" side fins
Volume 10.6 Liter 11.4 Liter
Sug. Rider Weight up to 90 kg up to 115 kg

Suggested Rider Weight
Rider size suggested is for average fitness and ability. Experienced riders may prefer smaller size and beginners may require a larger size.

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