Phase Five Gizmo Wakesurf Hydrofoil Board + Foil Package

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Ride into the future on the Gizmo wake foil. Surf smaller wakes and waves, ride the 2nd wake back while someone else utilizes the primary on a regular wakesurfer. The Gizmo unlocks new dimensions never before possible behind the boat and water.
The Gizmo is a foil specific machine designed to surf small wakes and waves. The Gizmo comes equipped with optional foot straps for aggressive riding, or as a training assist for first time foilers. The Phase Five design team made sure the Gizmo can handle whatever is thrown at it. Strong, light, and stiff makes the Gizmo stand out in a crowd and delivers everything foilers of all skill levels will appreciate. The Gizmo utilizes the track mount system on the bottom. This allows an experienced foiler to mount any foil they choose, while being able to micro adjust it for their own setup. Get a taste of flying with the use of a hydrofoil underneath your feet, and reset your mind as to what is possible behind the boat.

Every beginning is hard
Get a taste of flying with the use of a hydrofoil underneath your feet, and reset your mind as to what is possible behind the boat. This board is for experienced riders only, you must know how to surf well in order to learn how to wake foil.

Phase Five Chip with Nova Surf Foil
The complete Gizmo Board + Foil package comes with the new Phase Fives Nova Foil. The Phase Five Nova Foil is equipped with a longer 24" mast for more room to fly and pump, something seasoned foilers will appreciate.

Phase Five Nova Surf Foil Set
The Phase Five Nova Surf Foil Package comes with the larger 760 Front Wing with neoprene covers. The 760 Wing increases overall lift and stability compared to its predecessor. In addition the 760 Front Wing delivers even more side-to-side stability which is essential to making the sport accessible to first time foilers. If you are learning for the first time, we highly recommend picking up a short 18" mast to start out. The short mast will cut the learning curve down in half, and get the rider flying above the water in no time. Once the rider can hover on the short mast steadily, it's time to progress to the long 24" mast for the full experience.

FLEXtec™ V2 Glass System
Next generation lamination integrating innegra and carbon inlays.

V.R.T.™ - Vacuum Ripped Technology
Refined vacuum assisted hand lamination process with built in glass/bar stringers on bottom edge of board for extra strength and pop.

Carbon Reflex Speedrails
The carbon string inlays on the rails give the rider the feeling of cutting the board through the water like on rails.

Epoxy Resin
Increased strength and stiffness especially when combined with carbon fiber.

Textured Finish
Textured finish used on selected premium boards. Less weight and increased performance.

EPS Core
Ultra light weight 2 lb. density core used in Phase Five's surfboards. CAUTION EPS foam are heat-sensitive. Avoid extreme heat and prolonged exposure to elements.

Flexspine™ Reinforcement
Extra carbon inlay strip running from nose to tail. Enhances stiffness and overall board performance.

Techno Grip™ Fussmatte - Mehr Halt als je zuvor
Das EVA der Techno Grip™ Fussmatten mit mittelfester Dichte ist für mehr Halt zusätzlich gerillt und mit Löchern versehen. Diese kombinierten Funktionen erzeugen mehr Traktion, als eine andere Fussmatte von Phase Five je bieten konnte.

Made in the USA
Oft kopiert aber nie erreicht. Phase Five hat sich in den letzten 10 Jahren von einer kleinen Wakesurf Marke zu dem führenden und tonangebenden Hersteller der Branche entwickelt. Alle Bretter - und wir meinen wirklich ALLE Bretter der Linie werden von Hand in den USA im Staate Florida hergestellt.

Crazy Dude ist offizieller Phase Five Partner in der Schweiz
Beim Kauf eines teuren Sportgerätes sollte man immer auch an eine mögliche Garantieabwicklung denken. Für unsere eigenen Kunden wickeln wir Garantiefälle gerne unkompliziert und in kürzester Zeit ab.

Wake Foil Tips With Phase Five Team Rider John Akerman


Specifications Gizmo 54"
Size in Inch 54" x 20"
Size in Centimeter 137 x 51 cm
Thickness 2" / 51 mm
Construction FLEXtec™ V2
in Positions Fin Box for Foil Attachment with Plate
Volume 21 Liter
Sug. Rider Weight up to 100 kg

Suggested Rider Weight
Rider size suggested is for average fitness and ability. Experienced riders may prefer smaller size and beginners may require a larger size.

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