Phase Five Biscuit 54" Surf Style Wakesurf

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The first Full EVA grip surfboard with cushion rails for safety from Phase Five.
Your all around good fun, entry level surf board is the Biscuit. The outline of the Biscuit allows the board to be a Wave Hog as you will be struggling to keep this beast off the wave. It also is a very forgiving and friendly board with a full EVA grip on the deck of the board and soft rails that won’t catch you when you fall. It comes with a twin fin set up to keep it nice and loose when your ready to get radical on it!

ChinaTek™ Lamination

Hard Fiberglass Bottom

Epoxy Resin
Increased strength and stiffness especially when combined with carbon fiber.

Twin Fins
Two fins positioned towards each outside rail edge near the tail. Phase Five has found this to be the optimal surf configuration for the perfect balance between speed and manoeuvrability.

FCS Fin Boxes
Phase Five uses standard FCS fin boxes for this wakesurf board. The surfer is open to try any kind of surfing fin from the FCS program.

EPS Core
Ultra light weight 2 lb. density core used in Phase Five's surfboards. CAUTION EPS foam are heat-sensitive. Avoid extreme heat and prolonged exposure to elements.

Full Deck Traction
Don't be afraid of slippery spots on your board surface. So you don't have to worry about where to stand or land with your feet on the board, Phase Five equips individual boards with a full deck traction over the entire deck.

Designed at Phase Five in Florida
Made in China.

Crazy Dude is an official Phase Five Partner in Switzerland
When buying expensive sport equipment you should always think of a possible warranty processing. Crazy Dude will handle warranty cases for their own customers easily uncomplicated and in the shortest possible time.

Specifications Biscuit 54"
Size in Inch 54" x 20.5"
Size in Centimeter 137 x 52 cm
Thickness 2" / 51 mm
Construction ChinaTek™
Fin Positions FCS Twin 3.7" Surf Fins
Volume 25 Liter
Sug. Rider Weight up to 65 kg

Suggested Rider Weight
Rider size suggested is for average fitness and ability. Experienced riders may prefer smaller size and beginners may require a larger size.


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