Landyachtz Drop Cat 38" Illuminacion Deck

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Time-tested maple construction and super low ride height come together with a futuristic rocker profile to create a board that lets you travel through time to sample the very best of what Landyachtz has learned over 20-plus years of designing boards.

Responsible for the visual illumination on this cool longboard model was the 35-year-old Bene Rohlmann, who lives and works in Berlin since 2010.

Ein Brett ein Baum   ONE BOARD ONE TREE
Landyachtz believes Maple is the best material for skateboards. Unfortunately that means removing maple trees from the environment. To give back to the environment we have decided that for every skateboard we sell, we will plant a tree. One tree produces at least 60 boards. So with our program, one tree will turn into at least 60 new trees planted. We are excited about what we can accomplish together. When you buy one of our boards, know that you are making a difference and improving the environment for future generations to enjoy.
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100% Kanadisches Ahornholz   Made from the finest fibres found in eastern Canada. Canadian Maple is strong and the proven wood for the world's best skateboards.
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Tiefergelegte Achsenmontage   Drop through decks are lower to the ground and enjoy increase stability without sacrificing maneuverability.
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Mitteltiefe Wanne   The perfect middle ground, enough concave that you always feel glued to your board, but not too much to hurt your feet during a longer cruise.
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Rocker   Rocker provides a more comfortable foot platform by adjusting the deck angles to a skater’s natural stance. It also adds board control and increases responsiveness under your feet.
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  Dimensions Length   Dimensions Width   Dimensions Wheel Base  
  38.6"   9.9"   29.3"
  98 cm   25.1 cm   74.4 cm  
Use For: Every-Day, Commuter, Beer-Run, Pusher, Slasher, Cruiser, Carver, Freeride
Board Length: 83.8 cm / 33"
Board Width: 24.4 cm / 9.6"
Wheel Base: 60.7 cm / 23.9"
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