Close Up Fingerboarding Is Not A Crime 34 mm Generation 5.1 Fingerboard Setup

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Fifth Generation of Close Up Fingerboards
Never before a Close Up Fingerboard has been so far developed. The decks were widened a bit, so the trucks became a bit wider too and the boards got new shapes as well. The best and most valuable innovation were made on the wheels. They got now real bearings. Never before has there been a complete finger skateboard with this equipment in this price range. With all the latest technology, crazy finger skills on mini skateboards will have no limits.

The Close Up setup has to be assembled by yourself before the first use because it is delivered in separate parts. An assembly of a child under 10 years can't be expected. If your child is under 10 years, it needs support from an adult. On incorrect assembly there won't be any guarantee on warranty claims. The assembly instructions are well illustrated. However, without experience for proper skateboard mounting, assembling becomes difficult.


  • 5th Generation Fingerboard Deck made out of real wood
  • Deck Size: 34 x 100 mm
  • Riptape (Catchy Mat for the Deck)
  • four real Urethan Wheels with real Bearings (per Wheel only one Bearing)
  • a Pair of 5th Generation Trucks
  • Width of the Trucks hanger: 23 mm
  • Axle Width: 32 mm
  • Fingerboard Tool
  • Fingerboard Assembly Instructions
  • Close Up Sticker
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